Triathalon - Bad Mood

watch_later Saturday, 14 October 2017
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There's something about it
There's something about it that you

[Verse 1]
I'm awake again
Everything feels like I'm faking it
Swimming in you, Lake Michigan
Re situate my posit-again
I know that it hurts
Every time that I go
When I'm out on the road, I think about you- you already know
Listen to the song at the show
Listen to the words, let em flow
Listen to my heart and my soul
Listen to this song on repeat then
Every girl I see is a heathen
Even every girl you've been creep'n
Just so you know when I'm sleep'n It's mostly on the floor for the weekend
I hope that you hear me
I know it ain't easy
But baby believe me
I'm working not cheating

There's something
There's something about it that you

[Verse 2]
FaceTime ain't the same
I know we both slip when it rains
The wetness goes thru me
So hard to contain
No need to confuse me I know when it hurts
Your mind can be choosy
Which leaves me in the dirt
You get jealous of me
But I can get mad too
You got boys at the house
Just put me in a bad mood
I'd smoke if I had to
I'll work on my voice
But I'm singing for you
No other choice
I'm not preaching, just singing
Never religious but even
I know an angel when I see em
And she got the keys to the kingdom

There's something about it
There's something about it that you