No Vacation - Dræm Girl

[Verse 1: Basil Saleh]
When I look at you
I couldn't see myself
Passing through your room
I know I needed help
And when you talked to me
All I heard was words
I couldn't say a thing
I only made it worse

[Verse 2: Basil Saleh]
And if I saw your man
Would I start a row
Crashing through your bedroom
When he was around
And I know it's hard
When you feel this way
In love with my best friend
But I can't say a thing

[Verse 2: Both]
I know I said some things
I know it'll never work
But when I close my eyes
You know it doesn't hurt
If I could get away
It might just do some good
But I just wanna stay
Even though I know I never should


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