Blonde Tongues - Hey Good Lookin

All I see is white and red
that fades to pink
and turns to blue,

I think...
that it's
what you want to do.
Hey, good looking;
I'm starting to move on.
Hey, good looking;
maybe that's where you belong.

I'm looking forward
to another bomb.
Something to run from.
To keep my early mornings cold,
and keep me from getting old.
Hey, good looking;
everything I need
is right in front of me.
Hey, good looking;
you were nowhere to be seen.

If I was perfect
l'd change the world
and make it fit for you;
we'd drown in pools
of pretty pearls;
all my pretty pens
would write pretty words;
the softest touch
and our pain would blur,
if I knew anything about this world.


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